from the book Death in Yosemite:

kill me, sir captain. yes, kill me, as you killed my son, as you will kill my people if they should come to you! yes, captain america, you can tell your warriors to kill the old chief. you have made my life dark with sorrow. you have killed the child of my heart, why not to kill the father? - but wait a little, when i am dead i will call to my people to come and they shall hear me in their sleep and come to avenge the death of their chief and hi son. yes, sir america my spirit will make trouble for you and your people, as you have made trouble for me and my people. with the wizards i will folow the white people and make them fear me. you may kill me, sir captain, but you shall not live in peace. i will follow on your foot steps, i will not leave my home, but be with the spirits among the rocks, the waterfalls, in the rivers and in the winds, wherever you go i will be with you. you will not see me but you will fear the spirit of the old chief and grow cold.
the great spirit has spoken. i am done.

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